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There is a reason why so many people are looking for car charging station installers lately. Many of the residents of West Palm Beach are starting to use more electric vehicles than ever before. With so many people visiting dealerships like Tesla, Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and BMW as well as checking out some of their biggest offerings in EV’s there’s more research than ever before on the practicality of owning an electric car. 

Your lifestyle does not need to change extensively in order to own and maintain an electric vehicle. In many cases you can cut down on the amount of maintenance a car usually requires. In addition, you will most likely see ongoing savings by purchasing an electric car and never having to buy gas again. Although learning to plug in your vehicle and never having to go to a service station can take a small adjustment, most people are interested in saving money. There is a small learning curve involved when it comes to discovering how to charge an electric vehicle and the distance ranges offered from an electric vehicle in West Palm Beach.

Charging Station Installation West Palm Beach

The good news is that the number of quick charge stations available throughout West Palm Beach and the surrounding area are beginning to increase. Many of the electric car dealerships have quick charge stations that can be accessed if you find yourself in need of a recharge. Home recharging stations have also come a long way with several different EV charging options that are available to residents of West Palm Beach. If you have ever thought of owning an electric vehicle, you have come to the right place to learn about car charging.

EV Charging Crash Courseev charger installation for home west palm beach

Several different vehicle chargers are currently available for use with any type of electric vehicle. Some can be extremely simple and require virtually no installation whereas others require the use of an electrician. By installing a specialty charger within your home it’s possible that you can see a huge impact on the speed at which your car charges and the range in distance it can have after a night of charging:

Level I Chargers:

These are the standard chargers that many manufacturers will give you together with the car. These car chargers work with a 120 V outlet just like other devices within your home, like a clothes dryer. They can often give you around a 40-mile distance with a night of charging.

Level II Chargers:

A level II charger has become one of the most sought after chargers for homeowners. A licensed electrician can install these chargers and they are capable of charging most electric vehicles up fully within a night of charging. There are two levels of electric chargers available with the 30-amp version offering 26 miles of distance for every hour of charging.

Level III Chargers:

These are mostly designed for commercial use but a few businesses and service stations are beginning to install these DC fast chargers to give EV drivers convenience and employment perks. These chargers cannot be used with a home electrical grid but they are capable of charging up to 40 miles for every 10 minutes of charging time. These chargers also require a fast charge port, which is only available on a few types of electric vehicles.

Why hire an EV Charge Point Installer in West Palm Beach?car charger home installation west palm beach

Hiring an electrician is a requirement when it comes to installing a level II charger within your home. A level II charger is not something you would typically have in your garage and it needs to be installed by a qualified licensed electrician. West Palm Beach electricians that specialize in EV charge point installations like us, can make sure that you get someone that is highly capable of installing an EV charge port designed to work with your specific electric vehicle.

EV Charging Port Installers- Electricians do it Right

Having access to a level II charge point within your house needs to be done according to electrical standards for West Palm Beach. Working with a professional electrician ensures that there isn’t extra strain placed on your home electrical grid. It also makes sure that everything is done completely legally. In addition, failing to get a qualified West Palm Beach electrician for EV charging ports could result in violating your home insurance policy, that an accident could happen as a result of a poor installation, or that you may damage your vehicle.

Tesla Car Charger Installations West Palm Beach

Only a few electricians in West Palm Beach have experience with the Tesla car charger installations and we are one of them! Tesla vehicles are some of the only electric vehicle models that offer the chance for quick charging with a level 3 car charger, as well as a variety of other features that can speed up the charging process and extend distance ranges.

Tesla’s Proprietary Connector Power Options

Unlike some other types of level II chargers, Tesla offers the chance to install their own proprietary connector power options. These power options go far beyond a typical 30 amp charger and can go up to 60 amp for home use. These types of level II chargers are capable of a charge that comes from 240 V in your home electrical grid but at a much faster charge rate. If you have a Tesla in West Palm Beach, using a licensed electrician for the Tesla car charger installation can speed up your charge time by 4x. This would allow many Tesla owners the chance to completely recharge their vehicle after about roughly 4 hours of being plugged in.

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