Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation is one of the best ways to keep your cooling costs down. If you live in Ft Myers then you know just how hot the Summer can get. It is not unusual for the temperatures to get into the upper 90s, and sometimes the temperature will exceed 100 degrees! The only way to stay cool is to turn on your air conditioner. It is no coincidence that your electric bill almost doubles during the Summer. Your air conditioner is working on overtime to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. Installing a ceiling fan can make a difference in your electrical costs. In summer temperatures like this, as well as the winter temperatures, you almost have no choice but to use your air conditioning or your heating systems to help you cope with the weather better. And, as a result of this, you are likely to see a drastic increase in your electric bills. Sometimes though, you may feel like you are being charged more than what you should be, and that’s when you need to bring in outside help that can put a stop to this. Somewhere similar to this Public Service Commission of South Carolina would be a good place to contact if you would like further support in the cost of your electrical bills, especially if you have no choice in using them at this time of year. There are plenty of other things that you can do though to change this.

Larry P just got his first Summer power bill. Here is what is he has to say about finding an electrician that handles Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation.

“I just moved to Florida last Winter. I knew some friends that recently moved to Ft Myers, and they convinced me that it was a great place to live. No one told me just how hot it was going to get in the Summer. I have been lucky enough to stay inside most of the time, but I just received my first power bill. Whoa! I was not expecting such a large bill. My friends suggested that I install some ceiling fans to help lower my bill. I found an electrician that specializes in Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation and hired them immediately. My new ceiling fans have been a huge help. They keep the house cool, and they have helped lower my power bill.”

Here are three ways that finding an electrician that handles Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation can help reduce your power bill.:

1. Ceiling fans use less power
Your average ceiling fan uses about as much power as a 100 watt light bulb. Compare that to your air conditioner. A ceiling fan might not actually help lower the temperature in a room, but they do help circulate the cold air throughout the house. Finding an electrician that offers Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation can be a huge help.

2. Ceiling fans can help in the Winter too
Even though it does not get very cold, Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation can be very beneficial during the Winter too. A ceiling fan can help circulate warm air during the Winter.

3. Installation of more than one ceiling fan
Just one ceiling fan is not enough. To get the real benefit, you will need one in each room. That is where an electrician that specializes in Ft Myers Ceiling Fan Installation will come in handy.

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